Handmade Wooden Semi Truck With Large Cab Natural Wooden Toy


Our Wooden Semi Truck with a large cab is beautiful! Papa Bill added a lot of detail work to this toy! There are smoke stacks, step up block, fenders and even a steering wheel! This will be a great item for your truck collector for play or on a shelf.

All children should be supervised while playing with our toys. Also, wood is a natural resource and the grain, color and looks vary. All of Papa Bills Toys are created with the grandchildren in mind to develop their imagination and creativity. Once your child moves on to other activities you will find all of the toys will make a beautiful decoration and will become an heirloom for future generations!

All toys are handcrafted by Papa Bill. We use durable poplar wood and food base wood finish. The finish is made from Linseed Oil also known as Flaxseed Oil and Beeswax. The wood finish is environmentally safe and safe for skin contact. All wooden toys are naturally non-toxic. To clean the wood, wipe with a warm damp cloth. Do not immerse in water. Should you require a deeper clean, us a bit of diluted vinegar or mild dish soap.


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