Oceanic Creatures Toy Set-Wooden Figurine-Collectible Ani…


An outstanding collection of 7 SEA animals made of sustainable wood that every animal lover will treasure!
Each toy has been carefully carved and sanded, so they are so smooth and pleasant to touch.

We have designed these OCEANIC animals for educational purposes too.
So, we kept the features of their natural counterparts as close to reality as possible, to enable younger children to identify real animals.

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Height 3.6 cm Width 18 cm Depth 4.2 cm 1.42quot x 7.09quot x 1.65quot

Height 3.1 cm Width 14.4 cm Depth 3.8 cm 1.22quot x 5.67quot x 1.50quot

Height 3 cm Width 13.2 cm Depth 3.6 cm 1.18quot x 5.2quot x 1.42quot

Height 4.4 cm Width 12.4 cm Depth 4 cm 1.73quot x 4.88quot x 1.57quot

Height 3.6 cm Width 11.6 cm Depth 2.8 cm 1.42quot x 4.57quot x 1.1quot

Height 3.3 cm Width 11.1 cm Depth 3.6 cm 1.3quot x 4.37quot x 1.42quot

Height 3.2 cm Width 7.5 cm Depth 2.6 cm 1.26quot x 2.95quot x 1.02quot

HANDMADE PAINTED with NON-TOXIC water based colors.

AGE 3 years

Avoid immersing toys in water. Please, use lightly damp cloths to wipe toys.
Our products are handmade. The images of our products are real pictures, not renderings!
Colors may vary slightly from images due to the unique characteristics of the wood but also to the settings of your monitor.

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